1. What is the price for hiring buses?

A. It depends on the journey, the distance, and how the customer wants to use the bus. Once the customer fills the form, we will use it to determine the charge and communicate with the customer promptly.

2. Can we use our own driver to drive the buses if we hire?

A. No. We have our own drivers that drive our buses.

3. For extended period hire, who takes care of the driver in terms of accommodation and feeding?

A. The company takes care of the driver. However, the customer can if desired provided the customer has a comfortable accommodation to lodge the driver and may also undertake to feed him. It all depends on agreement. Where the customer undertakes to take care of the driver, the amount to be charged will be lesser. The driver’s comfort is paramount so that he will rest properly and be fit for driving.

4. Is the customer responsible for parking the bus while on hire? 

A. It is based on agreement. What is important is that the bus has to be parked at a safe place.

5. Can a bus be leased?

A. Yes. Terms and conditions to be agreed. 

6. If I have paid for hire, can a refund be made?

A. Yes, if it is earlier than 3 days to the date of the journey.

7. Can I physically see the buses?

A. Yes, if desired. Otherwise we can send WhatsApp pictures and videos.